Notable Voices by Thom Rainer

Fighting with Scripture — Micah Fries

While liberalism is a constant threat to the authority of Scripture both within the church and culture, Micah contends that legalism might be a greater danger.

8 Key Leadership Qualities of Joseph — Brad Lomenick

Brad is one of the leading voices in the church leadership arena. These eight qualities he pulls from the life of Joseph show why.

7 (Possibly 8) Things Every Writer Needs to Know — Aaron Armstrong

As president of a large publishing company, I’m often asked how to improve one’s writing. This list provides solid advice for both seasoned and beginning writers.

I’ve previously written on how to lead churches resistant to change. This article will help in that process as it provides specific reasons—and ways to combat them—that people become resistant to change.

FactChecker: Divorce Rate Among Christians — Glenn Stanton

Stats about divorce within the church are misconstrued and misquoted far too often. So it’s refreshing to see accurate, professional research show that “people who seriously practice a traditional religious faith—whether Christian or other—have a divorce rate markedly lower than the general population.”

4 Downsides of the Perfectionist Pastor — Mark Pierce

There is a fine line between being disciplined and being a perfectionist. And pastors sometimes blur that line quite a bit. These four safeguards will help you in your pastoral ministry.

Six Ways Churches Reverse a Decline

I don’t particularly like the “quick-fix” formula some pundits offer to leaders of churches that are plateaued or experiencing a decline. The approaches often appear to be man-centered and methodological. Indeed, many times I think the solutions offered could just as easily apply to a civic organization as they could a church.

Eight Reasons Some Leaders Hesitate Instead of Deciding

Admittedly, some leaders decide too quickly. They do not have adequate information. They have not listened well to others. They have not thought through the collateral issues.

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