A La Carte (7/12) by Tim Challies

When Christianity Became Cool – Gene Veith: “The 1970s was a time of hippies, free love, psychedelic drugs, and cultural revolution. But it was also a time of major religious revival, with the ‘Jesus Movement’ gaining headway in that very counter-culture. How could that be? Baylor professor Philip Jenkins credits the Byrds, who popularized a recovery of American roots music, much of which is explicitly Christian.”

An Amazing Find – “As the Toledo Blade reports, when Karl Kissner and his cousins were clearing out his grandfather’s home in Defiance, Ohio, on Feb. 29 they came across a box of very rare and very valuable baseball cards.” Three million dollars’ worth…

Open Your Doors – Open Your Doors is a fantastic album by Jenny & Tyler. It’s on sale on iTunes for just $3.99. Be sure to give a listen to “See the Conqueror.”

Expository Thoughts – Banner of Truth has quite a deal going on J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. The set of 7 volumes is marked down to just $65. If you’re a pastor, you can get it for just $25.

A New Way to Multitask – This is some clever silliness from Google.

Labelling and Identity Crisis – My main takeaway from this article was the societal obsession with labelling ourselves down to the smallest part of our identity. “The sexual identity label has become a method of reducing individuals to a micro narrative of sexual orientation. In man’s created need to transcend himself, this self-referencing label creates a personal crisis of identity and purpose.”

The Rock Solid Bible – I kind of wish this wasn’t an advertisement. Still, it’s quite well done…

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